Featured Candidates

Ref: WRF0331 - Individual Giving Marketing Manager

Location(s): London/Herts | Salary: £35K

A highly organised and experienced problem-solving fundraiser with strong project management skills. This fundraiser has managed forecasting, budgets, tracking the status of products, end to end project management of multi layered campaigns.  Highly proficient with analysis to improve retention and lifetime value. Experience of copy-writing, editing of communications, training of fundraisers for telemarketing campaigns and managed external suppliers. A determined and proactive problem solver who will look to define a process to help the team and other departments, ultimately making their jobs a bit easier.

Ref: WRF0328 - Fundraising and Development Manager

Location(s): London | Salary: £45K

A very successful fundraiser who has shown what is possible when transferring skills from the commercial world across into the third sector. With strategic and operational roles in large multinationals and financial consultancy, this candidate has led on the development and implementation of a broad fundraising and development strategy that has generated excellent results. Capable of working across trusts, grants, corporates, legacies, and community engagement, this candidate would be an excellent addition to any charity looking for a versatile, business savvy, senior fundraiser. With their significant commercial expertise, they would be particularly well-suited to any organisation who want to diversify income to attract more commercial presence and support.

Ref: WRF0327 - Head of Philanthropy

Location(s): London / Kent | Salary: £50K

A dedicated fundraiser with a wealth of experience in philanthropy, major donors, and donor stewardship gained at several high profile institutions. This candidate is someone who really enjoys the fundraising process itself and is keen to stay closely connected with the front line of any organisation’s donors and stakeholders. Along with an impressive track record of securing high value support, uplifting existing pledges, and driving a high level of stewardship, this candidate has been an intrinsic part of major project teams working on substantial 8-figure budgets. As either Head of Fundraising or Head of Major Giving, this candidate would be sure to make a significant impact on driving income generation and donor stewardship.

Ref: WRF0326 - Fundraising Manager

Location(s): London / Essex | Salary: £45K

This candidate brings a high level of grant and trust fundraising to any organisation they join, having a track record of securing six-figure grants, often on multi-year programmes. With considerable experience developing both restricted and unrestricted income streams, this candidate brings an ideal combination of practical fundraising experience and knowledge alongside strategic acumen spanning more than a decade in the sector. for any organisation with a core of fundraising in trusts, grants, and philanthropy, this individual would be a strong candidate for any senior management opportunity, either overseeing all fundraising or leading on a particular income stream.

Ref: WRF0325 - Fundraising Officer

Location(s): London | Salary: £26K

Ideally suited to any organisation looking to add an enthusiastic and passionate fundraiser to their team, this candidate is keen to build on their fundraising experience and move into an organisation with opportunities to grow and progress. With a broad range of experience in a fundraising officer role, this candidate has developed a good understanding of donor stewardship, trusts and foundations, events, and content creation and would be suited to either a generic or more specialised fundraising position within a growing team.

Ref: WRF0324 - Corporate Development Manager

Location(s): London | Salary: £45K

With over ten years in the sector, this candidate has experience with some of the countries most recognisable charity brands, and has built key six and seven-figure corporate partnerships at a strategic level with household names. Alongside this, the candidate has a diverse fundraising skill set including researching and approaching major donors, and developing regional fundraising approaches with consistent success. With experience delivering on substantial income targets, this candidate would be an excellent proposition for a Head of Fundraising role at a small/medium sized charity, or a Head of Partnerships role at a major organisation.

Ref: WRF0323 - Trusts and Grants Fundraiser

Location(s): London / Kent | Salary: £26K

With a Certificate from the Institute of Fundraising, and currently actively working in trust and statutory fundraising with a national charity, this candidate is keen to join a new organisation where there is potential for personal and professional development, and opportunities for progression. This candidate has considerable experience of working with vulnerable adults and children, along with a real passion for environmental causes, being a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Throughout several roles in social care this candidate has developed their skills as a fundraiser, securing support from household names in both monetary and gifts-in-kind form. They would be ideal for a Senior Trusts fundraiser role with any organisation accessing trusts, foundations, or statutory income.

Ref: WRF0322 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): London | Salary: £55K

This candidate made the transition from the commercial sector into the third sector in 2015, building a new charity from initial start-up with a key focus around major donors, corporate partnerships, and fundraising events. With a strong background in sales and a passion for events, this candidate is ideal for any organisation looking for an entrepreneurial fundraiser to drive growth and expansion. Alongside the fundraising skills, this candidate is a confident speaker and communicator and would be a real asset to any organisation looking for someone to take over the marketing and communications elements alongside the income generation.

Ref: WRF0321 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): London / Northants | Salary: £55K

A candidate with real strategic development experience at a senior management level. A background in institutional and individual engagement, with considerable expertise in direct marketing, supporter engagement, and individual giving.  Proven in effectively developing, implementing and monitoring strategies, budgets and key performance indicators to influence and lead organisational development. Possesses a comprehensive knowledge of marketing and fundraising including brand experience, product innovation, development, acquisition and analysis.  This candidate has a wealth of marketing skills and would be looking for a Head of Fundraising post, or potentially a Head of Individual Giving at a significantly sized organisation.

Ref: WRF0320 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): Dorset | Salary: £50K

A highly motivated, ambitious and results focused senior level fundraising professional with a proven track record of developing exciting mutually beneficial partnerships across sectors and generating significant income from Trusts & Foundations, Corporations, Government bodies, Events and HNWI. 

Strategic and influential in their approach, achieved a successful track record in nurturing and driving fundraising teams to exceed targets.

A phenomenal success rate in securing high six-figure funding from (but not limited to) Bog Lottery, Sainsbury’s, European Social Fund - amongst many others. 

Spearheaded the development of strategic partnerships with Global companies including Astra Zeneca and Accenture.

Worked extensively with HNWI and celebrities to achieve strategic aim.

Ref: WRF0319 - Regional Fundraising Coordinator

Location(s): Hants / Wilts / Berks | Salary: £26K

A highly-organised fundraising support professional with a successful track record in community fundraising and events support for a national charity.

Skilled in data management in conjunction to allocating funds and monies to the correct department/fund.  Experienced in line managing volunteers and providing training where required to support workers, business development managers, community fundraisers on internal computer systems and their respective roles. 

Successfully coordinated national fundraising opportunities and worked seamlessly with third party agencies and regional offices.

Looking to progress into a community  / regional fundraising role.

Ref: WRF0315 - Development Manager

Location(s): Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire | Salary: £50K

For any  organisation looking for a versatile fundraiser, with experience spanning national and international fundraising, this candidate represents an excellent proposition. With a proven track record of winning funding from trusts, foundations, statutory,  corporate partners, and high-net worth donors, this candidate has generated over £14m of income for a range of causes. Alongside this, they bring a high level of operational skills, having worked on large scale projects involving a diverse mixture of stakeholders. This candidate would like to find a role that could be taken on over 3-4 days a week, either home based or in the East-Midlands region. They are passionate about finding the right cause and the right organisation to join, and in return they offer a wealth of experience across income streams and stakeholder groups that would be an asset to any charity. 

Ref: WRF0314 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): London / Surrey | Salary: £50K

An energised and impassioned fundraiser with a real love for what they do, it is hard not to talk to this candidate and share their obvious ambition and drive. As the key fundraiser at a young but growing charity, this candidate has already achieved significant growth and development.

Ref: WRF0313 - Head / Director of Fundraising

Location(s): London / Herts | Salary: £57K

An experienced senior fundraising manager with 20 years of experience in leading Regional, Community, Major Donor and Events Fundraising teams.

Significant success gained within the last 10 years a very well known children’s charity with previous experience gained in other recognisable health charities - meeting operational and strategic goals, ensuring net financial targets were met and contributing to the development of the charities’ overall strategies.

A fantastic track record in making a significant contribution to overall leadership and management, inputting to and implementing, the plans and strategies for the Fundraising Directorate.    

Secured £2.3m last year by successfully leading, managing and developing a regional team of 12 Fundraising Managers and Fundraising support staff.  

A fantastic personality - not to be missed.

Ref: WRF0311 - Senior Development Manager (PT or FT)

Location(s): London | Salary - £44K

An exceptional senior fundraiser and strategist with over 20 years experience in fundraising from trusts, foundations and statutory giving. 

Regular success in winning six figure, multi year contracts extending to largest achieved grant of £1.3million. 

An experienced Senior Management Team member with a proven track record in developing strategies and teams while managing multi million pound individual giving contributions (including legacy giving).

Expert in reviewing, developing and transforming under performing income generation operations, project management and communications.

Open to either part time or full time roles with an interest in a wide variety of causes with a particular leaning towards community and youth focused charities.

Ref: WRF0310 - Head of Income Generation (P/T)

Location(s): Middlesex / London | Salary: £45K

A senior fundraiser who has operated with sole responsibility for income generation over the past ten years, and a wealth of experience before that in major donors and development roles. This candidate is looking for a new organisation where they can feel the cause is closely aligned with their own passion for the arts, heritage, and education, ideally on a flexible basis.  In particular, this candidate has demonstrated a passion and ability for leading on the development of fundraising at a charity, often as sole fundraiser in a new role, boosting income significantly and securing high levels of support across a range of income streams. With accompanying experience in marketing and branding, they would be ideally suited for a charity looking to drive growth in their fundraising with the creation of a new senior role.

Ref: WRF0309 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): Leics / Notts / London | Salary £40K

A successful and versatile fundraiser, with a particular expertise around trusts, grants, and statutory fundraising. A proven strategist with a track record of developing and implementing innovative fundraising strategies that have resulted in significant uplift in income and support. This candidate is an accomplished relationship builder, with a high awareness of donor stewardship and partnerships and has generated multi-year six-figure donations on numerous occasions. Alongside fundraising, this candidate is a confident and capable team leader, mentor, and coach, who would be a brilliant addition to any charity in a senior fundraising position.

Ref: WRF0308 - Fundraising Manager

Location(s): Surrey / London | Salary: £40K

An engaging and passionate fundraising manager, with over 15 years of experience in the third sector. This candidate has a track record of producing successful fundraising strategies that have grown income, exceeding targets across a wide range of income streams. This candidate has particular expertise and passion for high-value relationships with corporate partners and the development of individual giving programmes. This has extended into event management, arranging prestigious events from gala dinners to parliamentary receptions. This candidate would make an excellent fundraising manager or head of fundraising for any organisation looking to drive corporate and major donor income in particular, but can turn their hand to any charity who place high value on donor relationships. 

Ref: WRF0306 - P/T Head of / Fundraising Manager

Location(s): Berks / Oxon / Surrey / London | Salary: £45K pro rata

Senior marketing & fundraising professional with proven strategic marketing, communications, fundraising and management skills. 

Extensive experience in Individual Giving, Trusts & Legacies the candidate is skilled in the design and management of innovative, successful new fundraising campaigns and strategies.

Previous experience includes achieving income of £1million+ from Individual Giving via acquisition of new donors to regular-giving programmes and national appeals, achieving & maintaining Major Donor income and maintaining annual legacy income  including recruitment and stewardship of legators.

Available up to 3 days per week.

Ref: WRF0305 - Prospect Research Officer

Location(s): London / Essex | Salary: £32K

An experienced prospect researcher with excellent organisational, communication and research skills.

Acknowledged for attention to detail, investigative ability, and high quality research reports, as well as possessing a sound knowledge of confidentiality and data privacy (GDPR).  

Significant experience in open source research and in the use of research and CRM databases.

Designed and implemented prospect research structures and capability, created and successfully managed the donor pipeline plan.

Skilled in engaging and influencing at all levels from fundraisers to the Executive Team, and in identifying potential individual and commercial high worth donors.

Ref: WRF0303 - Part Time Partnerships Manager

Location(s): Dorset / Hants / Wilts | Salary: £30k pro rata

An experienced fundraiser with a proven track record in corporate partnerships / events with the ability to build high-level relationships and secure long term support.

Experience extends to devising research and managing a corporate relationship strategy.

Skilled in planning and delivering high quality fundraising events with strict budgets and high targets in the UK and internationally - Ranging from challenge events, high net worth dinners to international conferences. 

Supported by various marketing skills including improvement and implementation of marketing systems and communication tools such as website re-build management and the creation of marketing materials for events, social media, corporate supporters and new campaign initiatives.

Available for 4 days per week.

Ref: WRF0302 - Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Location(s): Hampshire / Berkshire | Salary: £38K

This candidate brings a wealth of direct experience as a successful fundraiser and marketer, with an extensive background in a range of income streams and marketing gained from key roles in the third sector, housing and financial services industries. Along with managing a large number of donor accounts (totalling over £11m) and securing trust funding, this candidate has also managed Charity of the Year partnerships and key stakeholder relationships. They have also worked with high profile patrons, securing six-figure sums from large events and developing a range of donor stewardship and engagement strategies. With such a range of skills this candidate would be ideal for any senior fundraising role, particularly one with a marketing element.

Ref: WRF0301 - Senior Philanthropy Officer

Location(s): Beds/Bucks/Herts/Oxfordshire | Salary: £40K

A candidate with a broad base of fundraising experience, with a core skill set and passion for trusts and foundations. Experienced dealing with both new business and account management for partnerships and major donors, this candidate is now looking to take their experience into a management position. Flexible and open-minded about their next charity, this candidate has experience working with international development, higher education, research, and medical organisations. With a wide range of experience, and a track record of achieving successful bids from both small and large trusts, along with statutory funding, this candidate would make an excellent Trusts Manager or Fundraising Manager.

Ref: WRF0300 - Individual Giving and Donor Stewardship Officer

Location(s): London / West Sussex | Salary: £35K

An experienced individual giving/direct marketing fundraiser keen to make the step up into a manager position and develop their expertise in direct marketing. Keen to find a people-focused charity to work with, this candidate is skilled with leading CRM systems and in liaising with third-party suppliers to successfully devise, develop, and distribute campaigns across a range of channels. Alongside the production of successful direct marketing campaigns, this candidate has worked closely with marketing teams to produce the content for a range of appeals and supporter literature. They are keen to take a new role that will further develop and enhance these skills, either as a Direct Marketing or Individual Giving Manager. 

Ref: WRF0297 - Development Manager/Individual Giving Manager

Location(s): Northants/Warwickshire/Oxfordshire | Salary: £35K

A candidate with a wide range of fundraising expertise, with a particular background in regular/individual giving gained over ten years of professional experience, which includes developing and implementing annual marketing strategies, creating targeted multi-channel fundraising appeals and telethon campaign management.


This candidate has achieved excellent results throughout their career, through a high level of donor stewardship and understanding, developing mid/major donor engagement through a range of initiatives. 

A methodical, flexible and adaptable individual, this candidate is keen to take their skills from the higher education sector into the broader charity sector and would be a very strong candidate for a development manager or individual giving manager role at any level of organisation. 

Ref: WRF0296 - Head of Philanthropy and Individual Giving

Location(s): London / Essex | Salary: £50K

An experienced fundraising leader with a track record of success in individual giving, HNWI, Major donors, and stewardship across all income channels. Currently leading a team of three fundraisers at an international youth organisation and driving forward six-figure donations, a significant legacy programme, and an individual giving programme exceeding half a million pounds. 


Alongside impressive income generation, this candidate has delivered a range of donor engagement and stewardship events globally, including developing Royal patrons and managing a wide range of stakeholders to a successful outcome. This candidate is returning to work in September/October and would make an outstanding Development Director or Head of Fundraising for any organisation. 

Ref: WRF0295 - Fundraising and Grants Executive

Locations(s): Midlands | Salary: £35K

A versatile project manager and fundraising professional with experience working for both local and national charities; from writing fundraising strategies for national charities, to helping small groups of volunteers access their first grant. This candidate is passionate about helping charities increase reach and engagement and deliver excellent return on investment.


This candidate has worked with a range of national funders, government agencies, trusts and grant making bodies, including BIG Lottery, Sport England, Macmillan, local authorities and Public Health. A bid for Citizens Advice was the highest scoring in the application process and led to the organisation being awarded double the initial ask. Experienced in building budgets, structuring new project proposals and establishing relationships with stakeholders and commissioners this candidate would make a brilliant fundraising leader for a growing charity.

Ref: WRF0294 - Head of Income Generation

Location(s): Hampshire/Dorset/New Forest | Salary: £40K

With a portfolio including managing retail and lottery alongside all individual giving, trusts, and legacy programmes, this candidate is a highly versatile and experienced senior fundraiser with a track record of securing high value grants, patronages, and partnerships. Alongside a strong record of significant income generation this candidate is also a well-qualified marketer and project manager and would be a considerable asset to any organisation seeking a Head of Fundraising or Development Director able to oversee a diverse portfolio of income streams.

Ref: WRF0293 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): Oxfordshire / Berkshire | Salary: £45K

A talented and energetic senior manager and fundraiser with experience of exceeding 7 figure targets and working across a range of income streams with particular expertise in trusts, major donors, and legacy management. Open-minded about their next role, this candidate does have a passion for charities working with children and the disadvantaged and enjoys the challenge of working on large capital appeals and the development of fundraising strategy. Alongside impressive fundraising achievements, this candidate is also a confident and experienced line manager who has been leading teams since 2016. This candidate offers a huge amount and will be suited to a dynamic organisation with an ambitious strategy and growth plan. 

Ref: WRF0290 - Trusts and Grants Fundraiser

Location(s): Dorset / Hampshire | Salary: £40K

A very proficient and dedicated trust fundraiser, with experience at some well-known charities in key roles with trust and grant fundraising. Along with a very successful track record of securing and stewarding large bids, this candidate also has a strong background in communications and marketing to compliment this, making them ideally suited to roles with a variety of remits. This candidate has managed large and wide-ranging portfolios of donors and led on the effective stewardship of those through communications and events. Having taken a career break to care for a relative, this candidate is keen to return to a dynamic role in the South Coast/New Forest area that can offer challenge, development, and a long-term future.

Ref: WRF0288 - Events and Social Media Coordinator

Location(s): London / Surrey | Salary: £32k

A proven and experienced events coordinator with extensive experience planning, managing, and delivering a wide range of activities across diverse sectors. Experienced in organising and leading volunteers, this very personable candidate has a wide range of skills covering event management, digital and social media, and marketing/communications. Currently working in the education sector, this candidate has organised events for up to 2000 students, working collaboratively across multiple departments and external organisations. Previously this individual was a key team member at a national animal welfare charity where they actively supported an extensive branch network with marketing, communications, and fundraising requirements. With excellent relevant experience, this candidate is now looking to progress and return to the charitable sector full-time.

Ref: WRF0287 - Head of Fundraising

Location(s): Hertfordshire/London | Salary: £60K

A senior leader and fundraiser, with close to 20 years of experience across all income streams. 

Over a successful career, this candidate has consistently achieved exceptional results, developing expertise, particularly in major donors, philanthropy, trusts, and community fundraising streams. They have secured multiple six-figure grants and developed successful media campaigns, increasing reach and profile, alongside leading a team and engaging stakeholders across organisations. 

With a passion and track record for delivering collaborative fundraising strategies that exceed targets and sector benchmarks, this candidate is now looking to take their next step into a senior role within an organisation keen to drive forward their strategic fundraising efforts.

Ref: WRF0283 - Corporate Partnerships Manager

Location(s): West Mids / Warks / Staffs / East Mids | Salary: £30K

A Corporate Fundraising Manager with around 2 years fundraising experience on the back of a solid level of achievement in B2B account management.

Has rapidly risen to a managerial position where, in a brand new role he has taken sole responsibility for corporate partnerships around the country.

A very strong commercial focus and is at ease in maximising opportunities - doubling the income from the 1 particularly large corporate partnership.

Fundraising experience is not limited to corporates, having worked across community and events and very much at ease in influencing a wide variety of audiences.

Ref: WRF0282 - Community Fundraising Manager

Location(s): Dorset / Hants / Wiltshire | Salary: £34k

5 years experience as a community fundraising / regional fundraising manager - supporting the fundraising volunteer network within a large geographical area while researching and developing new income through events, corporate partnerships and campaigns.

Well versed in regional fundraising and events and has a particular enjoyment in this aspect. 

Very keen to develop further with a particular interest in legacy and philanthropy giving.

Happy to travel as part of a new role but would prefer not to work with Corporate Partnerships.

Ref: WRF0281 - Part Time Director of Fundraising

Location(s): London / Kent | Salary: Negotiable

Forward thinking, innovative and entrepreneurial Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications. Experienced across all areas of income generation; Voluntary income (Corporate, Individual Giving, Corporate, Trusts, Events, Major Donor, Legacy/In Memoriam), Retail (shop, online and warehouse operations), Statutory, Lottery and raffles. 

Experienced in reviewing current income and ROI, future financial planning, opportunities for growth in order to meet organisational strategic need and developing teams to enable and empower then to achieve long term. Building and implementing strategies from £500k to £50m+.  

Available for interim roles - 2 days per week.

Ref: WRF0278 - Events Manager

Location(s): Shropshire / West Mids / Staffs | Salary: £27K

An experienced Events Manager with a proven track record of success in the third and commercial sectors. Experience of managing a wide range of events across the UK with full budgetary control.

Supporting work includes advertising and press releases and responsibility for the success of each event – sourcing locations, quality checking and managing teams of up to 40 volunteers. 

With a previous career in business development roles, the candidate that level of tenacity that would see the candidate succeed in achieving demanding targets. Further experience in paid and voluntary roles encompassing planning and delivery of corporate, leisure and charity events; community engagement projects; multiple project management; and community and corporate fundraising.

Ref: WRF0274 – Head of Philanthropy

Location(s): London | Salary: £50K

A very talented individual recognised by the industry for their achievements in philanthropic fundraising. With a superb academic background to back up practical experience, this candidate has worked their way up to a senior role at a national charity and is now looking for the next step, either as a head of fundraising or department lead at a major organisation. Having already gained line management experience, alongside a broad fundraising base encompassing legacies and corporate partnerships, they will be a significant asset to any organisation fortunate to be able to offer them the next step in a very promising career. A passionate and engaging person to talk with, it is easy to see why they have received awards for their achievements to date.

Ref: WRF0266 – Community & Events Fundraiser

Location(s): Bucks / Herts / Northants / Beds | Salary: £30K

Community & Event fundraising experience that includes success in mass participation and flagship events while providing supporter care for individual supporters, corporate and community fundraising activities.

Excellent level of experience and expertise in budget and marketing management to support fundraising activities.

Team management experience including a team of event coordinators / volunteers.

Ref: WRF0263 – Philanthropy Manager / Head of Major Gifts

Location(s): West Country / London | Salary: £48K

An experienced fundraiser with a wealth of experience in philanthropy, major gifts, and development management.  A career that includes 12 years at a global health charity, where they led on philanthropy and special events achieving impressive returns on investment.  This candidate is a resourceful charity development professional with extensive experience of creating and developing philanthropy programmes with high net worth individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors. With an excellent track record of exceeding income growth targets, management, strategic and budgetary planning, networking and relationship building skill, this candidate is looking to join an entrepreneurial and positive environment as a member of the senior management team.

Ref: WRF0250 – Fundraising and Development Officer

Location(s): Oxfordshire | Salary: £26k

A very enthusiastic and positive candidate who really enjoys the interaction between a charity and its supporters and is keen to find a role where that forms part of the activities involved. With a strong background in community fundraising and a range of donor events, this candidate is keen to build on that and move into leading on capital projects and major donor work. Backed up by a degree in Events Management and with a passion for healthcare and hospice work in particular, this versatile individual would bring a very positive energy and approach to any organisation looking to find someone to work directly with key major donors, corporates, or community organisations.

Ref: WRF0247 – Head of Partnerships

Location(s): Essex, North London | Salary: £45k

A truly entrepreneurial and hugely experienced individual, with a track record as a successful business owner in sales and marketing before moving into the third sector. Driven by a desire to make an impact, particularly with organisations involved in social justice, this candidate is open to permanent or shorter-term contract roles. With a wealth of experience, and impressive results with previous organisations, this candidate will flourish in a senior team looking for innovation and change, and prepared to invest in making that happen. Comfortable and experienced dealing with senior business leaders, this person would be well suited to a charity keen to develop their high-value partnerships and corporate relationships and looking for an experienced manager to lead that.

Ref: WRF0245 – Senior Individual Giving Manager

Location(s): Dorset / Hampshire / Wiltshire | Salary: £42k

This candidate is personable and confident, with a passion for organisations that encourage innovation within their fundraising programme. A highly skilled fundraiser, with extensive experience in managing individual giving and membership marketing programmes, including overseeing the growth of legacy and direct marketing schemes in their current role and the expansion of the fundraising team. Responsible for delivering on a multi-million pound income target, this candidate brings a range of skills and experience that would be equally suited to a large organisation looking for a senior manager focused around individual giving, or a smaller charity looking for a Head of Fundraising to develop new and existing income streams and build a new team.

Ref: WRF0240 – Corporate and Community Fundraiser

Location(s): Beds / Cambs / Bucks / Herts / North London | Salary: £25k

A dedicated and ambitious candidate, with a real passion for events and community fundraising. Keen to develop their career further, this candidate has a diverse range of experience in events management, covering the public sector, hospitality, and most recently with medical and children’s charities. With a track record of impressive achievements, including high profile celebrity events that have returned a six-figure income, this individual would be capable of leading any charity events team. Alongside events management, this candidate has excellent experience in producing marketing collateral, both digital and print, including design and content. A very versatile community fundraiser looking for their next opportunity. Located next to the A1, this candidate is flexible about travel for the right opportunity.

Ref: WRF0234 – Development Manager

Location(s): Glouc / Warwicks / Worcs / Oxon | Salary: £35K

A strong track record in applying a wide skillset to engage and enthuse diverse stakeholders: funders, prospects, trustees, staff and volunteers.

Expert in nurturing donor relations with a career in fundraising that spans 25 years.

A regular at researching, cultivating and managing and a portfolio of family and corporate charitable foundations

Delivered complex fundraising proposals, working with legal and field-based staff, researching over 200 corporations and 100 charitable foundations.

Led the prospecting, drafting and monitoring of detailed fundraising proposals to charitable foundations, government departments and the European Union at the Commonwealth Institute.

Ref: WRF0232 – Head of / Director of Development

Location(s): London | Salary: £60K

A senior fundraising Manager / Director with a fantastic track record or developing and implementing strategies for trusts & foundations, major gifts, membership and corporate fundraising with multi-million pound achievements.

Personally responsible for securing seven figure asks, equally at ease with team management and establishing systems to enable a step-change in income creation across funding streams.

Particular interest in a Director level role with Heritage / Arts / Environment.

Ref: WRF0227 – Head of Fundraising

Location(s): Sussex / Kent / Surrey | Salary: £35K

A committed fundraising professional with proven experience in business development, strategic planning and marketing who has worked in the voluntary sector for the past 25 years.

Experienced in all forms of fundraising and business development as well as staff management and team development.

Specialisms include Corporate, Trusts and Capital Appeals. Strong track record of achievement working with small budgets.

Ref: WRF0218 – Head of Fundraising

Location(s): Northants & Surrounds | Salary: £43K

Experienced SMT member with specialisms in leading a trusts & Grants fundraising function.

13years fundraising and development experience, developed and implemented successful strategies with responsibility for the development, research, creation and submission of all major bids.

Experience of Strategic leadership, Bid Writing & Coordination, Event Management, Volunteer Management, partnerships and team building. Member of the Institute of Fundraising. Experienced in networking with the business, charitable, heritage and arts community and an effective communicator at all levels from Board to Shop Floor.

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